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  • 2000
    Registered domain
  • 2002
    Reached 1000 photos in the gallery
  • 2003
    Transitioned from film to all digital photography
  • 2005
    Site design moves to Coasterimage version 2
  • 2007
    Passed the 5000 photo mark
  • 2008
    Coasterimage version 3 goes live
  • 2009
    Coasterimage now features photos of over 100 parks
  • 2010
    More than 7500 photos in the galleries
  • 2012
    Coasterimage design moves to version 4
  • 2015
    Coasterimage goes on travel hiatus
  • 2016
    Looking towards the future with Coasterimage version 5 design update


Origins started as the result of a small group of friends who enjoyed frequenting various Amusement and Theme Parks throughout the United States. All of us in one way or another have been visiting amusement parks for most of our lives and fate stuck us together later in life. With a shared interest in roller coasters and amusement parks it became a natural place to get together and enjoy the day. Over time we became more and more serious about getting to new parks and riding new rides.


It was about this time that I began discovering the entire Amusement Park & Roller Coaster “subculture” on the internet. This only served to fuel my passion for it all even more. I began learning all I could about it, amazed that so many shared our passion for thrills. In due time I found many sites sharing photos and information about Amusement Parks worldwide. This in turn got me started photographing the parks and rides we visited. The next logical step was to share my obsession with the world. Soon I was dragging friends and family to any park I could talk them into visiting. It was (and is) a lot of fun.


After filling countless photo albums with photos that looked like vacation pictures rather than serious Amusement Park photos, I decided to drop a few bucks on a camera, a few lenses and a nice little film scanner. The result was Somewhere along the way life took it’s natural course and while our original group doesn’t get together like we used to, I continue to frequent as many parks as possible no matter how large or small. If it has a coaster, I’m there! (sometimes, even if it doesn’t have a coaster!) I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoy getting them.


The idea behind this site was to create an online gallery of photos from amusement parks we visit as a way to share with others who have similar interests. While coasters are indeed the main focus I believe there is more to the whole park experience than just coasters – this is why I include pictures of other rides, atmosphere, wildlife, etc.


Coasterimage has become so much more then I ever expected it to – it really is just a part of my and my family’s lives now. It’s been so amazing to see the positive reaction to my photos over the years. I’ve already done more with the site and the photos than I ever imagined I would. If you’d have told me then that Coasterimage would turn into one of the most visited coaster/park media sites and contain thousands of photos, I’d have called you insane.

As cornball as it sounds, my relationship with the site has evolved much like any relationship does. From that initial, exciting infatuation, to something more – into something that I truly care about, spend time with & continually work on and finally into something that just is.

What can I say? I still enjoy the parks, the rides and this website. It’s a constantly growing, constantly changing work in progress and I’m just along for the ride more often than not. Sometimes the lines between business and hobby blur, but when you’re having fun with it, who cares?


The future of should be interesting to say the least. Hopefully, as this site continues to evolve I’ll be able to deliver the high quality material that’s kept us among the most popular theme park/roller coaster related sites online. I’ll continue using every free moment and every last extra dollar to get out there and enjoy the best amusement parks and pass the experience on to you. Until the next ride…

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If you would like to use one of my photos for a commercial project please contact me with the understanding that I do not obtain model or property releases for any of my photographs. My pictures have been used in countless regional publications, national magazines, books, advertisements, at major amusement parks themselves, on official park websites and by amusement parks for advertising, promotional and commercial purposes. I’m able to offer photos in a variety of formats, feel free to contact me for more information if you’re interested in professional quality work.

I’ve also contributed information and done interviews for various forms of print media as well as radio & television and online. I’ve done voice work for industry related projects and was heard as a regular on the CoasterBuzz Podcast for many years. I may also be able to contribute to your project in other ways. As with my photography, contact me for more information.

Feel free to take as many of my images (also includes videos, wallpapers, etc) as you want for personal use.

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