The Crypt

You begin in the heart of the jungle passing mysterious ruins and debris of past, failed expeditions. You soon feel an uneasy sense of doom as you discover an ancient mechanical artifact. Against your better judgement, you strap yourself aboard the massive stone and steel altar. Soon you’re on an epic journey full of dizzying twists and disorienting turns. You’ll fly through the air suspended over steam, water geysers and a sea of fire. By the time it’s over you’ll have survived nine inversions and heights of six stories – all while being repeatedly thrown towards the earth and the lifted back to the skies.

The Crypt was added to Kings Dominion’s ride line-up in 2005. They took the experience of a suspended top spin and amplified it with water and fire effects and a menacing soundtrack to set the mood. This video shows one full ride cycle.

Feet Tall
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