Hard Rock Park Pictures

Time for a photo update. This time I have 140 brand new Hard Rock Park Pictures. The timing of this update feels too appropriate being as in the last day or so the park has come forward about their mounting finacial trouble and it looks like they may not reopen in 2009 unless someone steps forward to buy the park. It’s a shame, really. Hard Rock Park instantly catapulted to the top spots of our ‘favorite parks’ list. So while we all wait to see what happens with the park in the future, go take a look at the Hard Rock Park Pictures and see what you’re missing.

I apologize for how long it actually took to get photos online. In case you didn’t notice I spent the last couple of weeks finishing up more of the site and changing the old design over to the new. Still a little bit left to go, but not much. I’ll finish the rest in my spare time. For now, it’ll be pictures, pictures, pictures.

Speaking of pictures, the Hard Rock Park gallery is the first to feature the new, larger image size. They’re actually almost 50% bigger than the older photos. It should take long to remind you why you stop by – some of the highest quality amusement park photography on the internet today. That’s why!

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I think that’s all for now. 140 new high quality photos should be enough to keep y’all amused for a little bit. Next up will be Waldameer pics (courtesy of a Facebook page request even – see, I told you to get over there)

Look for those pics to come sooner than later. Until then take a chance to look around the new version of the site if you haven’t yet.