Dueling Dragons

Dueling Dragons is just one of those rides that is so unique, so different, so fun that you just have to love it. Islands Of Adventure is known for impeccable, awe inspiring, almost “over the top” theming and if you had to choose just one ride at the park to personify that – it’d probably be Dueling Dragons.

From the queue that takes you through a dragon ravaged castle to the dragon themed trains, to the well thought out story that backs the ride, to the actual dueling of the ride itself – it’s all there. It doesn’t hurt that both of these rides would probably stand quite nicely on their own, but when paired up you have a truly one of a kind experience. This video shows both the fire and ice dragons and all of their near miss moments (some even in slow motion). The coasters themselves can be a bit hard to get multiple views of, but are covered quite nicely in this video clip. Download this one and be better informed when it comes time to ‘Choose Thy Fate’.

In 2010, the ride was renamed/rethemed as Dragon Challenge to better match the park’s new Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.