Flying Super Saturator

In September of 2008, Carowinds announced a new coaster for 2009 – Carolina Cobra. Exciting news to be sure, but the new coaster was going to be taking the place of the park’s Flying Super Saturator coaster.

The Flying Super Saturator was a first-of-its-kind coaster from Setpoint. Added to the Carowinds lineup in 2000, the riders glide along suspended from the track above while being bombarded by various interactive water elements controlled by onlookers around the ride. As retaliation, each 4-seat car is capable of dropping a payload of water on guests below. The whole thing made for an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Dismantling of the coaster began in August of 2008 and the ride was soon listed for sale. Flying Super Saturator was one of only two suspended water coasters in the world.

Enjoy a look back in this Flying Super Saturator video that shows the coaster as it stood just a month before its removal.