Roller Coaster Tattoo

You may have seen photos from used in books, in magazines, in advertisements, borrowed by other websites, on official park websites and even at some of the amusement parks. It’s cool knowing someone finds your work to be of quality for such use and even though I may have become a bit jaded about it, it really is neat. But this past week the ultimate use of the photos on this site hit my inbox.

I got an email last fall from a gentleman generally praising the site and mentioning that he was using a couple shots from the site to make a stencil for a tattoo. Naturally this piqued my interest and I asked him to pass along a photo of the finished design. Then I kind of forgot about it…until this week.

Lo and behold, what do I find in my inbox. A pic of the tattoo! Truly hardcore stuff. The design is based on photos of Kennywood’s Jackrabbit and Hersheypark’s Great Bear. When someone thinks enough of what you do to use it as the basis for body art that will follow them for life – you just got to sit back and smile. Honestly, it was about the coolest thing in the world.

I definitely figured it was worth sharing because it’s a crazy coaster tattoo and because I was indirectly involved – check it out. That’s nuts! (and I’m a little jealous because I imagine myself crying like a girl at the sight of a tattoo gun closing in on my body) – ahem…

At any rate it’s great and I wanted to pass that along. Look for the new Six Flags Over Georgia photos to show up later in the week. After that I have some minor changes with the site to follow and then it should be just about time to get off and running on the 2006 season – even though I have this nagging feeling it’s going to be slower than usual. We’ll see, I guess.

So enjoy the tattoo, check back for new pics later in the week and we’ll go from there.