Brand New Cedar Point Pictures

So here’s the Cedar Point Pictures that I’ve promised. 60 new ones in all – some really good new Maverick Pictures and a ton of Halloweekends Pictures. A few others tossed in here and there. The Cedar Point gallery is almost 500 pictures large – that’s some serious coverage.

Finally, it looks like I’ll get started on the backlog of photos from our summer trips. In case you haven’t been paying attention, I have ten new parks and three special feature photo galleries to get on the site in the next few months. One of those updates will include a new video too. On top of that, I’ve slowly started getting the 2006/2007 DVD together and it’s much larger than I expected. Like to the point where I’m going to have to figure out a way to keep the download size down. I have some ideas though, so don’t despair…there will still be free DVD’s for all…just don’t be surprised if there’s an alternative option as well. Expect that before the end of the year.

Not much else to cover this time. Don’t forget about the merchandise we have – it is pretty much the holiday season after all. And as always, if you want the occasional reminder about the site, check out the mailing list.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Go check out The Internet’s Best Roller Coaster Poll. It’s a yearly poll run by Mitch Hawker and uses some serious algorithms to create a ridiculously accurate and detailed snapshot of the preferences of voters. So if you dig coasters and want your opinion heard, be sure to head on over and partake. The wooden coaster poll is currently live and the steel coaster poll is just around the bend. Good stuff.

Until we cross paths again…

Cedar Point Photos, Maverick Video & Pictures

With this update we hit a bit of a milestone. One that I’ve been closing in on for a while. I added the handful of new Cedar Point photos I had to the Cedar Point Gallery and with those additions now officially features more than 5000 photos. As corny as it sounds, I’m pretty proud. The first photos on this site were taken in February 2001 and here we are in June 2007 five thousand photos later still plugging away. If it weren’t for everybody visiting the site there’d be no reason for us to be here after 6 years still bringing you the best roller coaster and amusement park photos around. Good stuff.

And just in case you missed it last week – don’t forget about the Maverick Video and the Maverick Pictures from opening weekend. (I promise that’s the last mention) – In addition I added two new Maverick Wallpaper images.

Also of interest is the mailing list. If you had signed up before last week, you were the first to know about the Maverick media we had online. Even before Screamscape posted it, even before CoasterBuzz had it listed, even before the photos showed up on RCDB – mailing list members had the info in their inboxes first.

Our YouTube channel is another good place to find out about new videos the second they’re added, so you might want to subscribe to that as well.

As far as what’s up next – I still have new Geauga Lake photos to add and I scored some video during our visit as well. Not sure if that will make it to the site or be a 2007 DVD exclusive. Once I have a chance to go over the footage, we’ll see. After that we’re off to Missouri to hit up another half dozen parks in the middle of the month. Check the schedule page for more info.

That about covers is for now. Friggin’ 5000 pictures, man!

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