Theme Park & Roller Coaster DVD DVDs. I think that has a nice ring to it. DVDs featuring the videos. Seems to make sense too. What if I included videos that aren’t available on the site? That might be fun. What if they were free? That’s a cool idea as well. That’d be a great way to kick off the 2007 season with a bang! Well, consider it done. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first:

We start the 2007 season today with a trip to Kings Island. Should be good stuff. Can’t wait to see how Firehawk is coming along. As usual we’ll be getting new photos so keep an eye out for those to show up in the next week or so.

Might be a good time to sign up with our mailing list. You’ll be politely reminded when something big hits the site. No inbox full of stupid emails coming across several times a week. No commitment, no hassle. We’re cool like that.

Might also be a good time to check out the YouTube channel and maybe even subscribe to that as well. You’ll get notified every time a new video gets added over there. And I suspect some video from in the park (think the old moblog feature I used to have, but with video) might just show up throughout the weekend.

So yeah, the 2007 season is officialy underway for and if all of that isn’t enough, we still have that DVD thing to discuss.

Here’s the deal. I’ve always had the DVD idea in mind. So many sites, enthusiasts and groups offer DVDs that it seemed silly not to. I’ve been doing DVDs of my videos for personal use for a couple of seasons now. It just makes sense. The problem is when you shell out a couple of bucks to get these DVDs from enthusiast sites and groups or whatever, you inevitably find that you got sent a DVDR. Just some video burned to a DVD and sent to you. Sometimes it might get thrown in a case with a inkjet printed cover or something. Some might even use labels or printable discs, but it still all seemed like I could’ve just done it myself and avoided both the wait and the cost of all involved.

That’s exactly the idea behind the new Theme Park & Roller Coaster DVDs. Just download the DVD files, unzip them, burn your own DVD and off you go. Makes sense to me. Sound interesting? Then go check it out! These aren’t just the videos from the site formatted for DVD – they’re full DVD resolution versions of the videos. The DVDs also include videos not found on the site. There’s menus and all of that stuff too. It’s pretty much what you’re probably used to paying for from other sources.

There’s currently two available – the 2004 season and the 2005 season. There is no 2006 disc as I only did a couple of videos last year, but you can expect a 2006/2007 disc at the end of this year. And like the others – it will be free. All you need is a blank DVDR and the time to download a zip file containing the DVD stuff. Pretty hard to go wrong with that kind of deal.

So there you have it. 2007 starts with free DVDs and a trip (for us) to Kings Island. And if you really want to stay in the loop, check out the mailing list and the YouTube channel as well. Our travel plans are pretty much finalized for the rest of the year and this looks to be one of the best yet – lots of new parks and coasters to get to. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on the site this season.